"From garage band beginnings to a storm of success, One Flew West is using Denver, CO as a launchpad for what’s sure to be a bright career. Jump on the bandwagon early...”

- Single Premiere by Emillie Marvel, idbobi RadioLink

"You’re first hit with pop style guitar riffs, a pop voice and once you think everything is happy and cutesy you are punched in the face with some punk lyrics, “I just wanna say fuck you in a million different way, ’cause no one ever lives through trial and error these days.” As the lyrics get heavier so do the instrumentals — harder guitar riffs come in and hard hitting drums follow as the song transitions from more pop to more punk throughout the almost three-minute-long song."

- Simon Roque, 303 Magazine | Link

“18 Songs We Bet You Didn't Hear This Week.”

- Maggie Dickman, Alternative Press | Link

“The tongue-in-cheek, intricate and undeniably honest delivery has drawn comparison to the likes of Say Anything and You, Me & Everyone We Know, with elements of The Format and even Frank Turner also coming to the fore.”

- Ryan, Soundfiction | Link

"With ‘Trial & Error’, One Flew West say “F- You” to political correctness, while getting listeners off their feet with unequivocally punchy beats and hook galore." 

- Punk OnlineLink



Formed in the Summer of 2010 in the small town of Longmont, Colorado, One Flew West has grown from a high school garage band into a full-scale rock machine storming up and down the front range. Now based in Denver, the four-piece has made a lasting mark on the local music scene and look to make that mark on the national scene in the near future. Uniquely combining rock and roll with various aspects of folk, pop and punk rock, there are few bands out there that sound like One Flew West making it difficult to fill in the cliché definition of, “They sound like so-and-so”. The band has been recognized by numerous Colorado-based radio stations and publications as a soon-to-break-out artist. Known for their high-energy live shows and multi-dimensional songwriting, One Flew West has built up a dedicated fan base and is on their way to the national touring circuit. Their Selective Memory EP came out in October of 2015 and instantly made a splash throughout Colorado and into the Rocky Mountain region. In the spring of 2017, the band released two singles, “All In My Head” and “Ten Years Later” to glowing reviews leaving fans and the community eager for more.