"Genre melding intensity ripped though The Church's speakers to knock the congregation to its knees, then up to the heavens with fists." 

-Eddie Barella, Denver Westword | Link

"I watched a packed, hot, sweaty room of day partiers jump up and down, scream, and sing along with Linden and the guys as they tore up the tiny stage that was wedged in a corner of the main room. They not only seemed larger than life on that little stage, but they quickly got crowned as some of the local kings of the UMS.”

- Scene Magazine of Northern Colorado | Link

“One Flew West is the kind of live show where the performers have just as much fun as the crowd. They never fail to amuse with their unapologetic love songs and quirky in between song banter.”

- Ultra 5280 Review | Link

"As One Flew West continue their musical and lyrical experimentation and progress, the quality does not falter, but rather, continues to grow and strengthen." 

- Reviewed by Austin Michon | Link


Formed in the Summer of 2010 in the small town of Longmont, Colorado, One Flew West has grown from a high school garage band into a full-scale rock machine storming up and down the front range. Now based in Denver, the four-piece has made a lasting mark on the local music scene and look to make that mark on the national scene in the near future. Uniquely combining rock and roll with various aspects of folk, pop and punk rock, there are few bands out there that sound like One Flew West making it difficult to fill in the cliché definition of, “They sound like so-and-so”. The band has been recognized by numerous Colorado-based radio stations and publications as a soon-to-break-out artist. Known for their high-energy live shows and multi-dimensional songwriting, One Flew West has built up a dedicated fan base and is on their way to the national touring circuit. Their Selective Memory EP came out in October of 2015 and instantly made a splash throughout Colorado and into the Rocky Mountain region. In the spring of 2017, the band released two singles, “All In My Head” and “Ten Years Later” to glowing reviews leaving fans and the community eager for more.